Syniavskyi Ivan

I welcome you to my page.

I have been developing optical devices for 10 years, including research, design, development and project management. PhD in optics.

My current professional interests:

  • Astronomical devices
  • Polarimeters: astronomical plarimeters for UV and VIS spectral range
  • Spectrometers
  • Fourier Spectrometers
  • Lens
  • Laser distance sensors
  • Illumitation sensors


  • experience in optical analysis with stray light and ghost analysis, optimizations, tolerancing, specifications of optical systems
  • end to end modeling of optical systems
  • using of optical modelling tools: Zemax, TracePro, CodeV
  • using of CAD tools: AutoCad, SolidWorks
  • experience in the mechanical design of optical devices include Finite Element Analysis
  • experience in assembling of optical systems

My last designs

  • Optical, mechanical design and development series of the fast lens for digital X-ray diagnostical devices
  • Optical, mechanical design and development stereo photo lens
  • Optical design and development aspheric mirror entrance optics for FTIR
  • Optical design Imaging FTIR
  • Optical, mechanical design and development astrospectropolarimeters with lower resolution
  • Optical design wide field fast lens (“All sky”)
  • Optical and mechanical design the EDIPO polarimeter
  • Optical design and error budget estimate the ZODIACS spectrometrs
  • 4-channel astronomical Stokes polarimeter

    Optical engineering including research, design, development. Optimization, tolerancing, specifications of optical systems. Mechanical design, Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

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